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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Poducer

Hello everybody it's October the 1st 2005 and today marks the start of development of a new subproject of the jd3lib which will be called "The Poducer". As everything from jd3lib it will be opensource and we will only develop what you want us to develop. The Poducer is planned as a Podcast production software which will allow you to create manage and publish your podcasts faster and easier. With the Poducer you will be able to have a streamlined process to create your podcast. But to make this thing really the best around, we need all the podcasters who are interested in improving their workflow to tell us what they need. Email us at and tell us what's lacking in your current workflow where would you like to see improvements. Bash about what other software did wrong, what are the major flaws in current available implementations we will help you to get the greatest and bestest Podcasting application and you can help us to build it. So feel free to email us, post comments and get the word around, the Poducer is comming and you decide what it will do.



At 3/10/05 18:37, Blogger Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

Please consider supporting tags for eadch episode from someplace like


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